Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Can You Know You're Present?

I've posted a new paper online: 'How Can You Know You're Present?'


Some argue that non-presentist A-theories face an epistemic objection: if they were true, then we could not know whether we are present.  I argue that the presentist is in no better an epistemic position than the non-presentist.  In §1 I introduce the sceptical puzzle: I look at two ways in which the non-presentist could claim that our experiences give us evidence for our presentness, but find each wanting.  In §2, I argue that the puzzle also faces the presentist, and that a number of potential solutions either fail or are equally available to the non-presentist.  I conclude by defending one solution to the puzzle.


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I love this post. I think that living in the present means, only focusing on the things are are in motion for example: Present = I am headed to the grocery store.

Past= I have been needing to go to the grocery store for a while now. Future= I will head to the grocery store in a few minutes. By living in the present, you have more power of the current situation and it allows you to create the circumstances. speaks more about creating circumstances, using the power of the present. I encourage everyone to visit!

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