Saturday, March 07, 2009

Leeds metaphysicians sweep Oxford Studies in Metaphysics prize!

Some fantastic news for the Leeds metaphysicians: Jason Turner has won the the Younger Scholar Prize in Metaphysics, for his paper 'Ontological Nihilism'! This was after a record number of submissions. Well done Jason!

And the joint runners-up are Robbie Williams and Elizabeth Barnes for their paper 'A Theory of Metaphysical Indeterminacy' and me for my 'Truthmaking for Presentists'. So a clean sweep for Leeds!

These three papers will all be appearing in a forthcoming volume of Oxford Studies in Metaphysics.

Update: Jason's paper is now available on-line: check it out via the link above!

Further update: It looks like the above three papers will be published alongside Richard Woodward's earlier accepted paper 'Metaphysical Indeterminacy and Vague Existence'. So it looks like Leeds is really going to dominate that issue of OSM! Maybe it should be called 'Oxford Studies in Leeds Metaphysics'.

(Both Rich's and my paper make use of the way of thinking about metaphysical indeterminacy in the way Elizabeth and Robbie tell us to - so this journal will also see three papers defending the Elizabeth/Robbie plan. Metaphysical indeterminacy's day is here!)


Aidan said...

Damn...good work, guys!

Dan López de Sa said...

WOW congrats!!!

Gabriele Contessa said...

Congratulations! (I hope this will translate in Leeds getting the credit it deserves in metaphysics in the next PGR!)

bradley said...

Congratulations! Even more evidence that Leeds is a fantastic place to do metaphysics.

Anonymous said...

congrats, guys; that's awesome!!!

Unknown said...

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