Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jobs at Leeds

Leeds is advertising for two one-year lecturerships; one with a preferance for phil science, the other with a preferance for value/history. Details here.

These are quite nice gigs, because (unlike a lot of temporary jobs) your workload and teaching/admin duties will be just like that of any other member of staff, temporary or permanent - so the successful applicants will have the same amount of time dedicated for research as any other member of staff.


Anonymous said...

That sounds terrific. However, you might want to make clear whether temporary staff would be required to do the same amount of service as permanent staff. In America the course load is higher for temporary staff but they have no service obligations.

Robbie Williams said...

Just on that specific point... The way things work here is that every member of faculty (whether continuing or fixed-term) in theory has their time divided between teaching/research/admin duties (I guess "service" and "admin" are synonymous here?).

If these new positions work as they have done in the past, then their allocated research time will be exactly as for any other member of staff. And total teaching+admin loading will likewise match ours. However, the exact balance between teaching and admin will vary from individual to individual---and this applies just as much to the workload of continuing faculty.

So, for example, next year I'm doing virtually no admin, and so more teaching. Last year I did not as much teaching, but a lot more admin. It all comes out in the wash... or at least, that's the ambition.

I guess that temporary lecturer positions are likely to have relatively light admin loads---and so a bit more teaching than the average faculty member (more like the workload distribution that I will have next year, if things go to plan). The big thing is that total non-research duties are capped for fixed term faculty just as they are for anyone else. So there's a real sense in which they're "on the same deal" as the rest of us. Which is nice---and certainly isn't a universal feature In the UK, fixed term faculty often have significant admin duties on top of teaching duties.

It isn't always as clear as it might be what the differences between various positions are---so one main moral for folks on the market for these positions is to read the fine-print and check out with the institutions they're applying to what the deal is.

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