Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Titles in search of a paper

Aidan has a funny post about good and bad puns in paper titles. This prompted me to think of some potential papers yet to find an author. I came up with:

“Trouble up mill!” (A paper pointing out difficulties for the harm principle – probably only funny if you know anything about Yorkshire – or watched enough Monty Python.)

“You can’t get a nought from an is.” (An paper arguing against reifying absences.)

“Does ought imply Kamm?” (a paper on Frances Kamm and moral obligation.)

“Frege’s conception of women as objects.” (A paper on neo-Logicist feminism.)

“There can be only one.” (Monism meets Highlander.)

Any others?


Anonymous said...

"Do you know my number?" (a Beatles song but it can be an article on Gödel...)

Martin Cooke said...

"On This and That" (a paper complimenting Grayling's works in order to get a good reference off him):

"Of mice and mengen" (a paper about the Burali-Forti paradox:)

Anonymous said...

The best one I ever heard was "Popper's Got a Brand New Bag", in honour of which we also invented (but didn't write) "Hegel, I Like Your Style". I also once wrote an undergraduate essay on material dialectics in Herbert Spenser called "Marx and Spenser" (probably only funny in the UK), but was informed coldly that my tutor had seen the joke before, and besides the essay wasn't very good. At around the same time a peer of mine handed in an essay on structural linguistics called "What Makes you Saussure?"

Carrie Jenkins said...

I always hoped I would solve the Curry paradox so I could write a paper called 'Curry's: No Worries'. (You probably need to have watched British commercial TV in the 90s to know why this is funny.)

Tyler Hower said...

I wrote a not-very good paper on the problem of other minds in graduate school entitled "Knowing Me, Knowing You". Cue up the disco beat.

Martin Cunningham said...

A visting professor at Rutgers in the 80's promised to write a paper 'Can A Public Language Have Private Parts?'

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