Tuesday, October 23, 2007

St Andrews phil of maths is famous

I'm currently reading Iain Banks' latest, 'The Steep Approach to Garbadale'. One of the main characters, Alban, is dating a mathematician, who is described in the following paragraph.

"She sporadically had quite involved and sometimes surprisingly heated email forum discussions with people way outside her field about things like the nature of consciousness and brain-bafflingly obscure questions such as, 'Where are the numbers?' ('Where you left them?' had been Alban's suggestion.) This one was still unresolved; she was talking about this with a guy from St Andrews who was interested in the philosophy of mathematics - a speciality Alban had never even imagined existing but felt obscurely comforted to know did."

Excellent! I wonder who the philosopher of maths was. I suspect Crispin. It's just a shame Arche doesn't get a mention.

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