Thursday, January 24, 2008

UEA wants fuzzy philosophers

The University of East Anglia is advertising for an 'indefinite' lecturer in philosophy. I don't know whether this means lecturers with fuzzy boundaries or vague parts, or whetherit just means lecturers who haven't made their minds up on what they believe yet.

Seriously, what does this mean? Is it obvious to everyone else? Is it for a position such that they don't know how long it's going to last? Is it permanent, and they're saying 'indefinite' because you're not allowed to say 'permanent'? (But then, why not use the standard 'continuing'?) What does it mean?? Oh well, never trust a Wittgensteinian, that's what I say.

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Jason said...

Maybe they want a philosoper with a specialization in Indefinite Studies, like the Chair of Indefinite Studies at Unseen University?

Ross Cameron said...

Cool - I'd forgotten about him!

Perhaps next they'll want a philosopher of quantum.

Anonymous said...

I think indefinite is the right term to use here, not permanent. Surely no one is a permanent lecturer. What would _that_ even mean?

Ross Cameron said...

That they are a lecturer, and are so permanently?