Friday, August 18, 2006

CMM event

Just a quick note to remind those in the Leeds area of today's internal workshop, featuring CMM-ers Tallant, Shalkowski, McGonigal and Keiran (and of course pertinent and witty interventions from the rest of us). Schedule:

9.30-11.00 Matthew Kieran. "Aesthetic Judgement and snobbery"
11.30-1.00 Andrew McGonigal "Truth, relativism and serial fiction"
1-2 lunch
2-3.30 Scott Shalkowski. "A Short Argument for Essentialism"
4-5.30 Jonathan Tallant "Presentism vs. Eternalism and the Problem of Tense"

6+ meal and pub.

We have a seminar room + a coffee room booked at the IDEA CETL for the day. No specific arrangements for lunch and dinner have been made, but I conjecture Opposite Café will be involved.

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